Wednesday, April 13, 2011

"Configuration by Exception" Mechanism

Java EE 5 introduced the idea of configuration by exception (sometimes referred to as programming by exception or convention over configuration). This means, unless specified differently, the container or provider should apply the default rules. In other words, having to supply a configuration is the exception to the rule. This allows you to write the minimum amount of code to get your application running, relying on the container and provider defaults.

This concept is commonly used in JPA(Java Persistence API) where the mapping rules are specified as annotations. If you do not specify these rules, the classes will behave as simple POJOs.

Consider the following example:


public class Student {


private Long id;

private String name;

private Float rollno;

public Student()



….. // setters and getters


If you do not provide @Entity and @Id annotations, still Student will behave like a POJO and not be persisted.


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The notion of configuration by exception means that the JPA persistence engine defines defaults.

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