Thursday, June 26, 2014

How to Catch i18n Errors Early?

Internationalization (often abbreviated i18n) is the process of making an application localizable for users in different locales, while localization (often abbreviated L10n) is the process of actually localizing an application for a particular locale. In today’s globally connected world, it is rare that an application does not need to support users in many different locales.

Pseudolocalization is the automated generation of fake translations of a program's localizable messages. Using the program in a pseudolocale generated in this manner facilitates finding bugs and weaknesses in the program's internationalization. 

Google has been using this technique internally for some time and has used this tool for improving GMail, Google+ and many more. Google has now released an open-source Java library to provide this functionality at

Make your customers happy by better supporting i18n using Pseudolocalization tool.

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